Weekly Forecast

Monitors you favourites spots and for each day of the week and shows only the spots that have rideable conditions and the best time to kite. No more checking around multiple pages to find the best conditions and missing out sessions.

Select your Favourite Spots

Let KiteSpotter do the rest

On the right top corner there is a spot icon with the number of spots that we currently monitor. Tapping this icon and you get a list of your favourite and nearby spots. From the list you can add and remove the spots you wish to follow.

Spots Under Each Day

Only spots with Kiteable Conditions Appear

Under each day you get only the spots that have kiteable conditions (match your criteria). Spots that do not meet kiteable conditions are excluded from the list. This way in one screen you get all the information you need.

Under each spot you get a forecast bar. For the kiteable hours of the day the bar has a colour that indicates wind strength. For the hours that do not meet the conditions the bar is transparent.

Detailed Forecast

Get More Details

To get detailed weather forecast please tap on relevant forecast bar (coloured bar that appears under each spot). A detailed forecast view will appear at the bottom of the page. You can scroll left/right to see more hours.

Each forecast cell presents weather conditions for one hour. If the right conditions are not found they are indicated by red letter or icons. For example, if the temperature is too low you will get a red number for the temperature, if the wind direction is not correct, the circle and arrow that indicates wind direction will be red.

Rotate For More

Rotating the device gives you wind power and direction

You can rotate you device and get wind direction and strength, as show on the picture below.

Coloured background indicates that all conditions have been met. At the top you have wind direction and at the bottom wind power.

If the background is not coloured something is not there yet. Again red arrow indicates wrong wind direction and red wind strength either light or extreme wind.