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General information about the spot selected.
  • Map. Map overplayed by the wind direction that the spot works. You can tap on it to get a bigger map.
  • Spot Numbers. Number of users that have selected this spot as their home spot. Number of users that are following this spot. And distance from your current location.
  • Follow Button. Indicates whether you are following the spot or not.

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Spot Live Weather Stations

We are collecting live weather data from stations nearby to the spot selected. There are two categories of stations, live and virtual. Live stations are actual weather stations that collect current weather conditions. Virtual stations are using weather forecast and live data to estimate current conditions.

This page is colour coded. When data presented are red it indicates that KiteSurf conditions are not met. For example, on the screenshot Boubergstand has good temperature and direction, but the wind power is low (that is why 7.8 is red).

Spot Weekly Forecast

Spot Weekly Forecast. Each day has a forecast bar. The forecast bar starts presenting weather from sunrise till sunset for your current location.

Weather forecast is colour coded. If the right conditions are found you get a colour indicating wind strength. Light wind is indicated by yellow colour, perfect wind by green colour and very string wind by red colour. You can adjust wind colour from the Profile page.

Tapping on the forecast bar you get detailed forecast at the bottom of the page. You can then scroll left or right to see the rest of the day.

Each forecast cell presents weather conditions for one hour. If the right conditions are not found they are indicated by red letter or icons. For example, if the temperature is too low you will get a red number for the temperature, if the wind direction is not correct, the circle and arrow that indicates wind direction will be red.

Rotate For More

You can rotate you device and get wind direction and strength, as show on the picture below.


On this page you get a list of the amenities and other information that the spot has.

Monthly Statistics

Which months work best for the place

Live stations collect data for each day of the year. We are using this data to find out which months are have more kiteable days. Colours indicate wind strength. We measure each day that has at least one hour of the indicated wind strength and the wind direction is correct. This way you know which month is better for the given live station.

To change live station tap on the change button and you will get a list of nearby live stations.

Edit Spot Data

KiteSpotter is community based. We collect spot information from our users and value their input. If you can improve data entered for a spot you can do it from this page. Please treat this function with care as it will affect all other users.