Your Preferences

Personalise KiteSpotter to your Likes

From you Profile page you can set any of the following:

  • Air Temperature (Min / Max).
  • Precipitation (None, Light, Medium, Don’t Mind). We have KiteSurfers that do not mind rain or snow.
  • Wind Power:
    • Good Wind. The wind you love KiteSurfing.
    • Min / Max Wind. The wind you can KiteSurf.
  • Weight. Using your weight we recommend the KiteSize to use.

Following Spots

Select The KiteSpots you Like

From Places in our main screen you can select the KiteSpots that you wish to follow.

Places has a list of the spots that you currently follow and spots that are close to your current location.

If you cannot find the spot you are looking for tap on the map icon (top right corner). You will get a map annotated with kitespots. To follow a spot just tap on it.

Spots that you follow appear on your Weekly Forecast.

Adding A New Spot

We are trying our best to have most of the KiteSpots around the world, but there are a lot of them and new ones are discovered everyday. If you wish to add a new spot you can do so using the “Add New Spot” at the top of the places screen.

First, you will be prompted to select the spot location. You can do that by scrolling on the map until the circle stands on top of the desired location

Then you will have to select the wind directions that the spot works best. Tap the desired locations on the wind circle that appear at the centre of your screen.

Last we ask to to give the spot a name and select the amenities that apply from our list.

Once you save the spot, thanks to your input the whole KiteSpotter community can access it.