Customised Forecast for KiteSurfers

Your Preferences

Each Rider has his/her own likes.

From you Profile page you can set any of the following:

  • Air Temperature (Min / Max).
  • Precipitation (None, Light, Medium, Don’t Mind). We have KiteSurfers that do not mind rain or snow.
  • Wind Power:
    • Good Wind. The wind you love KiteSurfing.
    • Min / Max Wind. The wind you can KiteSurf.
  • Weight. Using your weight we recommend the KiteSize to use.

Spot Wind Direction

You cannot kite with all directions

Wind Strength is not the only element that we look on a forecast. Wind Direction is a very important aspect too. For every spot on our database we have the wind directions that work best.

Combining wind direction with your preferences, we can indicate whether the conditions on the forecast are right or not.

Forecast Bars

Our Solution

We combine your preferences, forecast and spot wind direction to create a simple forecast bar. Coloured forecast bars represent Kiteable conditions. If you see a colour on the forecast bar then you know that all weather conditions have been met. The colour on the bar changed with wind strength. Yellow colour = light wind. Green colour = Perfect Wind and Red Colour = Overpowered.

You do not need to look any further if there is colour on our bar, there are conditions. If the bar is transparent, conditions are not there.

For example looking at the forecast bar on the right of the page, Kiteable conditions on Big Bay start from 12 o’clock with light wind. Before 12 the bar is transparent indicating that conditions are not there yet. Then at around 14 the wind picks up, 17 reaches its maximum and drops again at 20.

Detailed Forecast

If you want to see more details on the conditions, tap on the bar and detailed forecast will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Detailed forecast is also colour coded. When conditions are not met, red indicates the weather element that is not met.

Tap On Forecast Bar

Detailed Forecast

Above detailed Forecast explained.

11:00-12:00. Very light wind and incorrect direction, both indicated by red. Temperature is within my preference and there is light rain which is also in my preferences.

13:00. Wind strength and direction are fine now, but it is raining a lot. So the only condition that prevents me from KiteSurfing is rain, which is indicated by the red cloud and rain icon.

14:00 Finally conditions are there. I get no red indication and a green line at the bottom.

Rotate Device for More

I only care about wind strength

If you are like most kitesurfers, if it is not freezing cold or raining, the only thing you care about is wind strength and direction. Rotate your device to get just that.

Coloured background indicates that all conditions have been met. At the top you have wind direction and at the bottom wind power.

If the background is not coloured something is not there yet. Again red arrow indicates wrong wind direction and red wind strength either light or extreme wind.